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Ingenuity Leads to Opportunity
We are specialists who connect the right experts to your high level projects focused on shaping future industry advancements. GeoSISU consultants are highly connected and qualified industry leaders who act as an extension of your current team, ensuring they achieve the success and recognition your company deserves.

GeoSISU is a woman-owned boutique consultancy that brings integrity, innovation, determination, and conscious leadership to strategic business growth practices for our industry and government clients in the intelligence and national security space.


We work closely with organizations of all size and assist with strategy development, business development, developing teaming partnerships, government and industry relationships, marketing, and organizational management.   


Our knowledge, experience, relationships, and commitment, provides organizations an efficient and effective way to achieve growth and success.

The future of GEOINT is a force that combines proven strategy with gut instincts. 
Vikings were once Mother Nature's Warriors...
They observed the color of the sea, how the waves moved and the way the wind blew. They measured the stars and watched the clouds to navigate their ships. They watched for birds and could smell when land was near.
They were Crusaders, Explorers, and Warriors who used much more than pure strategy. Human instinct and geography had a huge role to play.
GeoSISU was founded on the principles of the word "SISU" that is used by the people of Finland to describe ones spirit full of: endurance, resilience, tenacity, determination, grit, perseverance, bravery and empowerment.
GeoSISU innovates for the future in using human insight, technology and experience.
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Connecting GEO and SPACE INNOVATION to key stakeholders & industry leaders.

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