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Surround yourself with innovative, growth focused, and conscious leaders.

GeoSISU delivers growth-focused business strategies and introductions to key US Government stakeholders and agencies. Connecting innovative experts to programs that shape future industry advancements.
Business Advisory
It takes experienced and innovative minds to create SUCCESS - especially in these times of information overload. We will support and amplify your latest business initiatives and projects, ensuring they cut through the noise causing your stakeholders to stop in their tracks, sit up, watch, learn, and listen.
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Business Development & Growth 
Business Development Support 
Strategy and  Growth Planning
Pipeline Generation
Teaming & Contract Strategy Support
Acquisition & Negotiation
Proposal Support
Capture Support
Networking Events 
Key Stakeholder Introduction 
Solution Engineering
Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media
Public Relations Consulting
C Suite Support 
Marketing & Branding Consulting 
Industry Engagement & Partnerships Management 
Social Media Assessment 
Social Media Campaigns
Event Management: 
  • Executive Management Support 

  • Customized Virtual Event Creation 

  • Virtual Conferencing Support 

  • Exhibitor & Sponsorship Management

Technology Mentoring
Technology is your unique point of difference, so you need to be at the top of your game with the latest industry developments. Our team keeps our finger on the pulse with the latest trends, forecasts, and competitor outcomes. We are here to make sure your vision comes to life as quickly and efficiently. We work with start-ups, small, medium, and large businesses. 
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Technology Mentoring & Solutioning 
Start-Up Government Support
Start-Up Technology Vetting for Government
Start-Up Campaign 
Start-Up Product Introduction
Start-Up Technology RoadMap
Security Advisor Support  
  • Security Support 
  • Facility Officer Support
  • SCIF Support 
  • Clearance Support 
Our team will provide you with unparalleled services your current team is unable to perform.  Let us do the heavy lifting so your employees can continue to focus on their expertise.  
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Project Services 
Product Development 
Geospatial Analysis
Imagery Analysis
Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence 
Software Development
Traditional Program Management
Geospatial Enterprise Design
Geospatial Product Development
Geospatial Project Management
Geoint Services
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Connecting GEO and SPACE INNOVATION to key stakeholders & industry leaders.

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